De zoom ring is helaas niet te gebruiken als focusring. i also have an apsc sized sensor camera (xt-10) with ridiculous iq. Fans of the EXR sensor of the X10 may, in fact, prefer it to the x-trans cmos sensor of the X20. De lichtsterke lens, naast een niet al te kleine sensor, is de grootste troef voor mij. Shop Fujifilm X20 Compact Camera 12MP 2/3" CMOS 4000 x 3000pixels Silver – Digital Camera (12 MP, 4000 x 3000 Pixels, CMOS, 4x, Full HD, Silver). Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned. Very well built. No camera means no pictures. Zelf dichtmaken dus! Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Save on Digital Cameras, Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- You may also like. Fujifilm X20 has external dimensions of 117 x 70 x 57 mm (4.61 x 2.76 x 2.24″) and weighs 353 g (0.78 lb / 12.45 oz) (including batteries). $55.00 1 bid + $5.00 shipping . $160.00. 8 offers from $239.48. Game over. We're running around the show having meetings and trying out all the latest gear, and we made sure to stop by and say hi to Fujifilm. Minder geschikt voor het maken van filmpjes, Inloggen met Facebook en Google is niet meer mogelijk. At a price that maybe high for its sensor size, but correct for its built quality and performance, traditional camera ergonomics, photographic capabilities and results you can see, I think it's my personal perfect choice.Read full review, the bad: no wifi (not an issue for me), landscapes can lose a little detail in greens (grass, etc. De afwijkende filermaat is op te lossen door een step-up adapterring te gebruiken (bvb 40-52mm). 2 offers from $448.00. fast auto focus, complete manual or automatic exposure with multiple "in between" modes and fast super sharp optics. Buy the Fujifilm X20 12MP Digital Camera - Black at, ... 12.0 MP X-Trans 2/3" CMOS Sensor w/ Phase Detection. $281.95 + $14.29 shipping . Copyright © 1995-2021 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. I am really pleased with my decission, competitors in its size and specs do not match the feelings this Fuji transmits. de accu gaat niet zo lang mee dus zorg dat je een reserve accu bij je hebt. Heb zelf al een reflex toestel met x-tal lenzen, niet altijd handig om overal mee te sleuren. Available in black or two-tone silver and black. With those caveats, I would not hesitate to recommend the X20. Mooie kleuren, scherpe foto's en heel snelle scherpstelling (AF). Watch Fujifilm X20 12 MP Digital Camera with 2.8-Inch LCD (Black) Video. As I shoot raw, it is not any issue, and the pictures you can get from raw files are phenomenal. it is now possible to find 40mm lens filters if you don't want to utilize the 52mm adapter. Lens cap is fairly easy to misplace. De Fuji X20 voldoet in dit opzicht zeker, kompact en alle instellingen kan je zelf bepalen. ets or any jacket pocket- and will be with you when you need to take a high quality image. Judged simply as an object it is beautifully designed and built. Being able to shoot at f2.8 at its longest focal length coupled with image stabilization makes for fast zoom and low-light shooting situations, while the built-in macro modes allow easy close up detail shots. Focusing is accurate and FAST, color rendition, contrast, dinamic range and definition are very good, I think the sensor-lens combination work pretty well to achieve images that don't look "flat" as on so many compacts. Waar ik ook blij mee ben is de aparte knop voor belichtingscompensatie. - Fujifilm X Series X20 12.0MP Digital Camera - Black, item 1 Fujifilm X Series X20 12.0MP Digital Camera Black 1 -, item 2 Fujifilm X20 12.0MP Digital Camera - Black 2 -, item 3 USED Fujifilm X Series X20 12.0 MP Digital Camera - Black Silver Excellent FREE 3 -, item 4 Fujifilm X Series X20 12.0MP Digital Camera - Black w/ 3 batteries, charger 4 -, item 5 Fujifilm X Series X20 12.0MP Digital Camera - Black Silver / 5 -, item 6 Fujifilm FinePix X Series X20 12.0MP Digital Camera - Black & Silver 6 -, item 7 Fujifilm X Series XF1 12.0MP Digital Camera - Black 7 -, item 8 Fujifilm X series X-T2 24.3MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body Only) 8 -, 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 6 product ratings, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 189 product ratings, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 26 product ratings, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 95 product ratings, 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 32 product ratings, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 152 product ratings, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 141 product ratings, 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 15 product ratings. $1,699.95. Fujifilm X20 12 MP Digital Camera with 2.8-Inch LCD (Silver). but this is- substantially. Useful zoom length, fast lens for class, great skin tones, can customize jpeg images easily, accepts fuji flashes, optical viewfiinder, manual focusing very good. Since Fujifilm X100's has a larger sensor area with the same resolution, this means that it also has a larger pixel area hence better light collecting capacity for a given aperture compared to Fujifilm X20. The result is what I expected and much, much more. Als ik twee minpunten moet melden dan kies ik voor: each upgrade addressed some previous shortcoming but they are all good in their own right. de normale filterschroefdraad. but then, this camera will also shoot raw files or raw +jpeg. Het zonnekapje zelf heeft een afwijkende schroefdraad t.o.v. Well, this camera may not be so pleasant fot this type of users. De beeldkwaliteit is bijzonder goed. Judged simply as an object it is beautifully designed and built. i'll take the extra manual control capabilities and rangefinder style form factor (wonderful tactile design) over the deep menu diving of the others every time. The best camera is the one you have with you, and as I became older I also became quite reluctant to carry my bulky Canon Dslr with me. Select from the broad sensitivity range of ISO100-12800 for shooting at a full 12-megapixel resolution. Fujifilm X20 is 1mm narrower and 7mm thinner than Leica D-Lux 7 but it is also 4mm taller. each upgrade addressed some previous shortcoming but they are all good in their own right. While the new model does have a small to moderate advantage in resolution, it renders tonally a bit differently, and its jpeg processing is not nearly as good. d much, much more. I am selling my Fujifilm X20 with Fujifilm Leather Case, ONA Lima Waxed Canvas & Leather Strap, and Fujifilm Charge & Two Fujifilm Batteries. Dit wist ik vooraf al en heb meteen een 2de batterij bijgekocht. $899.99. Het heldere F2.0-2.8 Fujinon-objectief met 4x zoom haalt daarbij het maximale uit het beschikbare licht. Enkele minpunten/-jes: curieus is dat program shift in "P" alleen werkt als je ISO niet op AUTO zet. Only flaw, you have to remove lens cap and twist lens to turn camera on and then again to turn it off. the in camera processing and filters make for some nice jpegs and allow many special filter settings for some very impressive effects. 3 offers from $398.00. there are a lot of external manual controls here. Fujifilm X20 Digital Cameras, Fujifilm X20 12-13.9MP Digital Cameras, Fujifilm X20 Fujifilm X Series Digital Zoom Cameras USB 2.0, Fujifilm Silver Digital Cameras, Fujifilm Digital Cameras, Fujifilm Instax Digital Cameras, Digital Camera Parts for Fujifilm, Fujifilm X-T2 Digital Cameras, Fujifilm XQ1 Digital Cameras, Fujifilm X-T20 Digital Cameras the x20 is just enough smaller dimensionally that the extra features (i would prefer the evf to the ovf) didn't sway me. Image quality is oustanding, the lens is really good in the hole aperture range, camera controls are handy and intuitive (mention apart this is not so true for menu accesed functions). Na niet eens zo veel wikken en wegen kwam ik uit bij de Fujifilm X20. the x10 does not have the xtrans sensor arrangement, but it's also a strong candidate. 8 offers from $239.48. If you make the switch from X10 to X20 you will gain a very useful information display in the optical viewfinder, and if you wear sunglasses, you'll be able to shoot without ever having to take them off, a very nice option here in the desert southwest.