Welcome New Users: Use this section to Create Your Online Account You … As appropriate, if drug use is suspected by a contractor's employee, the City has the authority to temporarily remove a contractor's employee off a job or require the contractor's employee to leave a City worksite if it is in the best interest of the City to do so. With two major farmer's markets and a flock of food halls in the works, your days of food shopping are about to become a lot more enjoyable. No, there is no fee to download and print copies of bid packages. Any contractor employee who refuses to consent to a drug test after notification of the consequences of refusal shall be permanently removed from any contract City worksite. A list of opportunities is posted on the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN). The Web Site Registration form is a short form that allows you to get started viewing and downloading bid documents right away.  You register using your email address as your login ID and a password of your choice.  Approval is immediate. To establish a procedure to achieve a drug-free workforce and to provide a workplace that is free of illegal drugs and substance abuse. Approved firms are published in the MWSBE/PDBE/DBE/ACDBE directory (Houston.mwdbe.com). In such an instance, the Department Director or designee of the department holding the contract shall authorize the removal. How to become the manager of local farmers markets & what it involves. Strategic Procurement Departmental Links Existing Suppliers Login Overview of … City Council votes on … STARTUPBIZHUB. Vendor Guide; City Adopts Small Business Policy to Educate and Foster Community Collaboration Among Business Owners on July 21, 2014, City Council passed a resolution adopting the Small Business Policy to further efforts to encourage and engage small businesses with the City’s procurement process. If you are an existing City vendor you can receive City payments by means of direct deposit. 8. You will still need to complete and submit the online Supplier Registration Form as well as a signed IRS W-9/W-8 to become a registered City Supplier. Effective October 26, 2020, University of Houston System will use PaymentWorks, a secure online vendor management portal that replaces the former paper-based forms for vendor registration via fax and secure email. Set the privacy settings in your Internet browser to low to avoid a potential re-registration Â, Construction Contracts under $500,000. Vendor Self Service is getting an upgrade November 16 th! These conferences allow you the opportunity to ask questions about bid specifications and clarify general terms and conditions. Construction Projects involving improvement to City facilities amounting to $500,000 or less fall under this category. This policy incorporates any off duty use or misuse of certain banned substances that result in a positive drug test pursuant to these procedures. While the City of Houston Controller’s Office encourages you to save paper and get paid more efficiently, this direct deposit program does not apply to individuals receiving one-time payments such as water deposit or municipal courts refunds. 4.0 Scope: This procedure applies to all City of Houston contracts for labor and/or services except the following: Random - All contractor employees who perform job duties that are defined as safety impact positions shall be subject to random drug testing. For questions, Click Here to access the Additionally, the Director of Personnel shall periodically prepare a report reflecting citywide contractor drug testing activity. Here is a complete listing of our Glossary of Terms for your information. Lining up plans in Houston? How to Become a Vendor. We are currently accepting applications for a select number of events. LABORATORY means a federal Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) certified laboratory authorized by the contractor to perform drug screening/testing. Texas Cooperative The Texas Cooperative is open to all local governments, nonprofits, and other political subdivisions in the state. All contractors are responsible for reviewing and complying with the Mayor's Amended Policy on Drug Detection and Deterrence (Mayor's Policy) and the Mayor's Drug Detection and Deterrence Procedures for Contractors (Executive Order) , developing and implementing a written drug-free workplace policy, and providing a copy of their drug-free workplace policy to the contracting department's Contract Compliance officer for Drug Testing (CCODT) as designated by the contracting department in the Request for Proposal. entities. Make sure your cookies on your system are enabled and the privacy settings on your browser is set to low to avoid the re-registration process every time you need to download bid documents. All employees in positions defined as safety impact positions shall be eligible for each random selection. All addenda will be posted on ORPIN. (2) Enter Company Name or EIN 76-0000000 SSN 760-00-0000 (1) Select Search Type (3) Select Search As an additional security measure, multiple layers of network firewalls (devices that prevent unauthorized entry to our network) protect all bidding data. Get the proper vendor's license in your city. 2251). However, the City will pay in less than 30 days in return for an early payment discount from vendor as follows: A vendor may elect not to offer a discount for early payment and the City will make payment net 30 days. Your bids are protected by the security mechanisms we've implemented in the site. Your unique login and password allow only you to see your bids. Protect your password and do not share it with anyone.Â. If you do not submit your invoice to the proper billing address, payment will be delayed. AIRPORT ROLES Our wide variety of positions are … Become a preferred vendor Complete the form below to be added to our Prospective Vendor List. Bid Advertisements: Check the official GrapeFest Vendor page for more details. RFPs are taken in accordance with State law provision under Vernon's Annotated Civil Statutes (V.A.C.S. Copies of the tabulations will be provided to any Vendor upon request for a fee as defined by the Texas Open Records Act. 500, Opiate Metabolites The City reserves the right to send invoices back to vendors where purchase orders are not listed or where invoice lines do not match the lines on the purchase order. NIGP Code Search and Commodity Provider Search, Citywide DPU (Departmental Purchasing Unit) Contact List, Email alerts regarding bids and open bid updates. The Pre-qualification application is completed during the New Vendor Registration process. Improve vendor management and reporting capabilities. All contractors shall adhere to this Executive Order. When drug screening of employees is required or authorized under the contractor policy or procedures, a urinalysis test shall be given to detect the presence of amphetamines, cocaine metabolites, opiate metabolites, phencyclidine, and for marijuana metabolites. * Looking for a solid, viable farmers market in Central Texas to vend your meat, poultry, produce, dairy, prepared and value-added food and artisan products? Visit the revenue agency and the county clerk's office to find out what you need to do to sell things on the street. Complete a Vendor Data Sheet ; Complete and sign Form W-9: Request Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification; Complete the Direct Deposit Form (optional) Return all documents to HACEP via Email, fax at (915) 849-3868 or mail at: Housing Authority of the City of El … Bids are opened and read publicly by the Office of City Secretary each Thursday at 11:00 a.m., unless specified otherwise. Contractors shall develop and follow their own drug testing procedures, if required to do so. In an effort to build a strong business relationship with our vendors, the Purchasing department has put together a vendor application packet which contains several documents and helpful tips to become successful in doing business with the City of Beaumont. The Chief Procurement Officer recommends awards for formal bids to City Council. This number must accompany any purchase orders, bid submissions and/or invoices), Identifies you as a potential bidder, Captures contact information about your business, Identifies your company with required products and/or services. All formal Bids and Proposals must be submitted by the specified due date and time, in duplicate, to the City Secretary's Office, City Hall Annex, Public Level, (900 Bagby). For additional questions or support, contact the Strategic Procurement Division Vendor Registration Office at 832.393.8800. The city's Purchasing Office is interested in fostering participation by all qualified business persons offering commodities and services that may be used by the city. Invoices must be mailed to the department shown on the purchase order to avoid delays in payment. Drug testing shall be evenly distributed over the term of the contract or the year, whichever is shorter. If you are not a stationary business in Texas and you wish to sell your goods on the street or door to door, you must know how to obtain a Texas vendor license to comply with the state laws. Pre-bid conferences also give you the advantage to understand more about projects in general and find out who is interested in bidding or proposing on a particular contract. Here is a complete listing of our Glossary of Terms for your information. RFPs are also reviewed for MWBE opportunities. Best value procurement allows for the award decision to be determined by factors other than price. The agent’s phone number is listed on the Notice to Bidder Section of the bid/proposal package. MEDICAL REVIEW OFFICER (MRO) means a physician authorized by the contractor to review and interpret drug test results. You can search for the bid folder by bid name or bid number through our Search Engine. 4.  What's the difference between the Vendor Registration Form and the Web Site Registration form? 2. The CCODT may be someone other than the department's contract administrator. RFPs, RFQs, NOFAS, & Contracts This page includes information on procurement policies, procedures, and current and completed procurements. No. Upon execution of the contract, the vendor is eligible to provide job coaching services to Workforce Solutions customers. Get the proper vendor's license in your city. The links in this section are here to provide both current and potential City of Houston Vendors with valuable business related resources. We encourage you to view the Certificate of Insurance Form for Services Page 1-2 as required by the City of Houston. Can I be eligible to do business with the City of Houston without online registration? Texas school districts must be members of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) to participate. If you are interested in becoming a vendor with the City of Beaumont or are a current vendor seeking to obtain your MBE certification, please review the information below. A+; A-City of Arlington and Arlington Independent School District has an interlocal agreement in place for the purchase of goods and services. Strategic Purchasing advertisements and Notices to Bidders are publicly posted according to State Statute and Charter provision and are available from the following sources: Bids & RFPs: You will not be able to download any documents from our website without properly registering and submitting the mandatory online registration form. Strategic Procurement Division To provide procedures for implementation of the Mayor's Amended Drug Detection and Deterrence Policy as applicable to contractors who do business with the City of Houston. Instructions on how to register for Bids & RFP downloads: Â. Become A Vendor *Please note: all new vendor applications are currently on hold & will not be reviewed until mid-January, 2021. Vendor Diversity Program Registration. Check Qualifications: Vendors must be in good standing with the state and, if applicable, their franchise tax account status must be “active". In the event of a conflict between these procedures and an applicable drug testing law, the applicable law shall prevail. In contrast, applying to become LBE, PUC-LBE and NPE Certified requires that a business, whether it be a City Vendor or not, must also meet the numerous certification requirements outlined in Section I. Contracts with non-profit organizations providing services at no cost or reduced cost to the public. Once you have completed and submitted your registration information, you will also need to submit a valid W9 form. Vendor applications coming in 2021 for GrapeFest on September 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2021. There are six types of solicitations used for procuring goods and services for the City of Houston Municipal operations. Contractor employees are prohibited from possessing, using, distributing, dispensing, manufacturing, selling or having in their possession or control any drug/banned substance while on duty on City premises, or while acting in the course and scope of their contract at any geographic location. 6. Formal bids are written solicitations exceeding $50,000 for goods and nonprofessional services and are taken in accordance with State law. order to place bids on our solicitations. 7. 9.0 Possession of Drugs; Consequence of Possession: 10.0 Consequence of Positive Test Result: 11.0 Consequence of Refusal to Consent to a Drug Test: 12.0 Consequence of Failure to Comply with this Executive Order: Fair Campaign Ordinance: The City's automated purchasing and financial systems require a 3-way match of the purchase order, the receiver, and the invoice to complete a payment transaction. 4. To ensure timely payment, your invoice must adhere to these characteristics and include the following: Vendor Help: When the payment date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or official holiday when City offices are closed and City business is not expected to be conducted, payment may be made on the following business day. City of Houston benefits by having a nationally accepted and standardized commodity coding system (NIGP) associated with their materials and Vendors. Here are details on how to become a property preservation vendor. We all dread it. Read more here: Serving the demand for property preservation. The Director of Personnel shall develop the reporting format to be used by the CCODT for the contractor drug testing activity. contact the Supplier Desk at (832) 393-8800 M-F, 8:00 am- 4:30 pm. Vendor applications coming in 2021 for GrapeFest on September 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2021. https://purchasing.houstontx.gov/bid_download.aspx, https://purchasing.houstontx.gov/bids.html, http://bidsets.publicworks.houstontx.gov/, http://www.fly2houston.com/bidRFPAdvertisement, https://purchasing.houstontx.gov/Vendor_Help.aspx, NIGP Code Search and Commodity Provider Search, Citywide DPU (Departmental Purchasing Unit) Contact List, Supplier/Vendor number (this number is required – it will be emailed to you and can take up to 5 business days to be issued.