GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, Mon. In den betroffenen Ländern Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras und Belize werde neben extremen Winden mit massiven Regenfällen gerechnet. 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Fast Facts At least 26 people have died from Iota's impacts: 16 in Nicaragua, 6 in Honduras, 2 in Guatemala and 2 in Colombia. Although it is most likely going to primarily hit the northern parts of Guatemala, it will probably bring heavy rains to Antigua and the surrounding towns. The boulders blanketing Quejá today are almost as tall as the electricity wires. Dangerous Hurricane Iota makes landfall as Cat. “I did this during Mitch,” he said, gesturing toward the crowd of young boys who have gathered to watch him take his fourth trip of the day. Villagers from Quejá returned to recover belongings and what was left of their harvest of coffee, cardamom and corn. Ambassador to Nicaragua visits Puerto Cabezas, where USAID/BHA partner UNICEF delivers WASH assistance to affected households. “A lot of people were trapped in there.”. So just when a glimmer of light was shining on Guatemala and things were getting back to a new normal, along came hurricane Eta which caused mass devastation all over Central America. ... Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador related to Hurricane Eta to … Rettungskräfte haben am Samstag die ersten Toten aus den Schlammmassen eines Erdrutsches geborgen, in denen rund 100 Vermisste vermutet wurden. The magnitude of the ruin is only beginning to be understood, but its repercussions are likely to spread far beyond the region for years to come. Hurricane Iota affected the communities of Izabel, Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, and Zacapa. Enormous rocks now cover Quejá after the devastating landslide. Key Messages: 1. Eta also brought devastation to Honduras and Guatemala … Hurricane Iota has rapidly strengthened into a major hurricane as it approaches Central America, where it's expected to make landfall as an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm Monday night. Auch aus Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador und Kolumbien wurden Todesfälle gemeldet. The storms, which also devastated parts of neighboring Honduras and Nicaragua, killed 61 people, injured 30 others and left 99 missing in Guatemala, the government said. Mindestens 174 Menschen starben, 74 davon in Honduras und 46 in Guatemala. Hurricane Iota comes just two weeks after Hurricane Eta caused many people in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala to lose everything. Wirbelsturm 'Iota' hat mit Windgeschwindigkeiten von 250 Stundenkilometern Nicaragua erreicht. In Guatemala, UNICEF has reached over 11,700 children with nutrition services in Hueheutenango and Alta Verapaz departments, two of the hardest hit areas. Learn how you can get involved and lend a hand. Hurricane Iota has strengthened as it roars towards Central America, less than two weeks after another devastating storm struck the region. Nach "Eta" nun "Iota": Gleich zweimal in kürzester Zeit ist ein Hurrikan über Teile Mittelamerikas hinweggefegt. See the photos below showing the helicopter being loaded, received today from FH Guatemala … Iota is the 30 th named storm of the record-breaking 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Now their season is on hold, with their beloved field sinking in water. A view of the vast flooding in Guatemala after Hurricanes Eta and Iota struck one after the other last month.Credit... QUEJÁ, Guatemala — By the time they heard the slab of earth cracking off the mountain, it was already burying their neighbors. Nov 16, 2020 (Reuters) – Hurricane Iota is rapidly gathering strength as it barrels toward Central America, a region still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Eta, and experts predict this year’s unprecedented storm season will force more people to migrate. Iota is still expected to produce very serious flash flooding and mudslides, with potentially catastrophic effects, over portions of Central America. Hurricane Eta, which made landfall in Nicaragua earlier this month as a Category 4 storm already wreaked havoc, killing at least 120 people in flash floods and mudslides in parts of Central America and Mexico before crossing Cuba and slicing through Florida. The relentless rain and winds of Hurricanes Eta and Iota downed dozens of bridges and damaged more than 1,400 roads in the region, submerging a Honduran airport and making lagoons out of entire cities in both countries. #GuatemalaFloods #HondurasFloods #HurricaneIotaHurricane Iota Batters Honduras Nicaragua Colombia | Tormenta Iota Colombia Nicaragua Guatemala Zentralamerika erholt sich im Moment von den verheerenden Auswirkungen durch Tropensturm „Eta“. Storms Eta and Iota adversely affected 4.6 million people in Honduras, representing nearly half of the country’s population of 9.3 million, according to the results of a multi-sector needs assessment conducted by the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team between November 22 and December 3 in nine affected departments. “It was beautiful.”. He ran out to find a gusher of mud crushing everything in sight, sending roofs and walls careening through the town. Wieder kam … After the disaster, Mr. Suc walked for four hours to reach Santa Elena, the nearest dry village, pulling along his grandfather and distributing two of his children to stronger, taller family members who hoisted them above waist-deep water on the journey. The first round was held in Quejá, known for its pristine, natural-grass soccer field. Hurricane Iota is set to slam into Central America Monday as the Atlantic’s strongest storm of the year, bringing catastrophic winds and torrential rain to … DoD transports GoC heavy duty equipment to Providencia to support debris clearance efforts, completing the final DoD mission in support of the humanitarian response to storms Eta and Iota. "We are following the route of the first doctors who arrived here in 1998 when Hurricane Mitch devastated this country, and despite a fierce campaign to discredit the work of the BMC, today … Reyna Cal Sis, the principal of the town’s primary school, believes 19 of her students died that day, including two kindergartners and a 14-year-old named Martín, who liked to help her clean up after class. The remnants of Hurricane Iota is still pouring rain on Guatemala and hitting us with strong winds. AFP November 12, 2020 Residents walk in a flooded area due to the heavy rains caused by Hurricane Eta, now degraded to a tropical storm, at Las Posas village in Morales, Izabal, 220 km north Guatemala City on November 5, 2020. Situation updates about hurricanes Eta and Iota in Guatemala are provided in this discussion. The only road into the village is encased in mud so thick and wet that its residents leave holes in it the shape of legs. Erneut drohen Überschwemmungen und Erdrutsche Guatemala-Stadt/Miami. "The Henry Reeve Cuban medical brigade left today for the department of Quiché to attend to communities affected by the destructive passage of the Eta and Iota tropical depressions through Guatemala." In Guatemala and Honduras, the authorities readily admit they cannot begin to address the misery wrought by the storms. Damages According to The Associated Press , Guillermo González, Nicaragua’s director of emergency management, said on Tuesday morning that preliminary reports of the wreckage described fallen trees, electric poles and roofs stripped from homes, but no deaths or injuries. Hurricane Iota, which made landfall on the Nicaraguan coast Nov. 16, caused more than 40 confirmed deaths across the region. On Saturday, a group of Santa Elena residents looted the stock of provisions in town that had been donated to Quejá’s residents. So many of our church families have lost everything due to flooding and landslides. One week later in comes hurricane Iota, which thankfully weakened, but not the rains. Hurricane Iota. Hurricane Eta Devastates Central America as U.S. Withdraws From Climate Accord Indigenous communities in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala were among the hardest hit. Guatemala. Auch in Honduras, Guatemala und El Salvador richtete Hurrikan Iota große Schäden an. Just two weeks later Hurricane Iota, a Category 5 storm at its strongest, traveled the same path through the region. Communities that were already affected by Hurricane Eta were also affected by Hurricane Iota. It's forecasted to drop 8 to 16 inches of rain in northern Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. … Die Folgen sind verheerend - und dann ist da auch noch das Coronavirus. Iota has since weakened to a tropical storm but is still dropping very heavy rain that could cause life-threatening flash floods, landslides and mudslides in Nicaragua, Honduras and parts of Guatemala through Thursday. We have nothing.”. “They are determined, now that they’ve lost almost everything,” she said. Iota caused severe damage to areas of Central America already devastated by Hurricane Eta just less than two weeks prior. ((Photo by Johan ORDONEZ / AFP)) So here we are back to square one all over again. Die Regierung schätzte die … “There are houses right in front, and they are coming at us all of a sudden,” Mr. Suc said. Hurricane Iota blows over Central America in a satellite image collected by NOAA on the morning of Nov. 17, 2020. A view of the vast flooding in Guatemala after Hurricanes Eta and Iota struck one after the other last month. Hurricane Iota has strengthened as it roars towards Central America, less than two weeks after another devastating storm struck the region. One week later in comes hurricane Iota, which thankfully weakened, but not the rains. Die Hurrikane „Eta“ und „Iota“ haben das zentralamerikanische Land Guatemala im November 2020 schwer zerstört. The Guatemalan government called off the search for the dead in early November. On November 17, USAID deployed a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to lead the U.S. Government’s humanitarian response. Near the border with Mexico, people crowd into handmade rafts to cross immense lakes created by the storms. “Yes, we’re thinking about migrating,” he said, eyeing the dwindling bag of corn he has left to feed his family. People started leaving here for the United States only a few years ago, but Ms. Cal Sis is certain more will follow. Iota, which became a hurricane on Sunday, is expected to produce up to 30 inches of rain in some areas of Nicaragua and Honduras through Friday. Category 4 Hurricane Iota made landfall along the northeastern coast of Nicaragua, about 15 miles from where Eta made landfall as a Category 4 just 13 days earlier. Just as pressing are the illnesses brought on by a lack of food, potable water and shelter from continuing rain. Will the Ruin Spur a Migration Wave? Save the Children has already dispatched front-line workers to more than 20 communities that were severely impacted by Hurricane Eta, and will extend its reach to support victims of Iota. Women try to recover belongings after the passage of Hurricane Eta at the Omonita neighborhood in El Progreso, Yoro department, Honduras, On November 15 2020, before the arrival of Hurricane Iota. The United States, through USAID, was already providing assistance after Hurricane Eta made landfall. Across the regions, houses were destroyed or badly damaged, possessions were washed away and crops were destroyed. Knapp zwei Wochen nach Hurrikan Eta wurde Zentralamerika in den letzten Tagen erneut getroffen, nun von Iota. “They have to learn.”. Iota became the only Atlantic hurricane this year to reach Category 5 … Hurricane Iota is headed for Guatemala and is predicted to be the strongest hurricane yet this season. USAID/BHA announces additional funding for Honduras, Guatemala, and Colombia, bringing the total USAID/BHA funding allocated to the response to nearly $48 million. It's forecasted to drop 8 to 16 inches of rain in northern Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. People from Quejá sheltering in nearby Santa Elena after a landslide destroyed their village. If the devastation does set off a new wave of immigration, it would test an incoming Biden administration that has promised to be more open to asylum seekers, but may find it politically difficult to welcome a surge of claimants at the border. So the people of Quejá — the lucky ones — ran out of their homes with nothing, trudging barefoot through mud as tall as their children until they reached dry land. Trotz der Massenevakuierungen seien weiterhin etwa 80.000 Familien in Gefahr, zitiert die Nachrichtenagentur … Officials conducting rescue missions say the level of damage brings to mind Hurricane Mitch, which spurred a mass exodus from Central America to the United States more than two decades ago. In Colombia, we are providing relief supplies to affected families and equipment for firefighters to clear fallen debris. Today we received photos of one special delivery to 350 families trapped by landslides in the Ixil region. Learn the facts and frequently asked questions about Hurricane Iota. Hurricane Eta and Iota - Guatemala, Nov 2020. To traverse one river in the east, commuters hop into a wire basket, attached to a zip line where a bridge used to be. Still, they walk it, carrying tattered wardrobes and bags of coffee beans on their backs, extracting what they can from the wreckage of their homes. … Rekord-Sturm „Eta“ hat in den vergangenen Tagen in Zentralamerika sein Unwesen getrieben. All that’s left of this village in Guatemala is their memories. Hundreds streamed in to watch their favorite teams, while local fans now in the United States followed the game live on Facebook. Back-to-back hurricanes have unleashed heavy winds, rain, and severe flooding and landslides across Central America. “The devastation is beyond compare,” said Adm. Craig S. Faller, the head of the U.S. Southern Command, which has been delivering aid to survivors of the storm. Leaders of both countries last month called on the United Nations to declare Central America the region most affected by climate change, with warming ocean waters making many storms stronger and the warmer atmosphere making rainfall from hurricanes more ruinous. Mr. Suc, 35, was eating lunch with his family when the sound shook his home. The hurricanes affected more than five million people — at least 1.5 million of them children — creating a new class of refugees with more reason than ever to migrate. One of them was his niece, Adriana Calel Suc, a 13-year-old with a knack for customer service honed by selling soda and snacks in her mother’s store. With maximum wind speeds of 140 miles per hour, Hurricane Eta—a Category 4 hurricane—made landfall over Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region on November 3, resulting in river overflows, widespread flooding, and damaging landslides. This new funding includes up to $8.5 million in Honduras, $7 million in Guatemala, and $1.5 million in Nicaragua to provide emergency shelter, food, hygiene supplies, critical relief items, and protection for the most vulnerable people, many of whom are from indigenous and Afro-descendant communities. The storms, two of the most powerful in a record-breaking season, demolished tens of thousands of homes, wiped out infrastructure and swallowed vast swaths of cropland. Mr. Suc is now looking for anywhere else to go. So here we are back to square one all over again. A view of the vast flooding in Guatemala after Hurricanes Eta and Iota struck one after the other last month. “If we don’t want to see hordes of Central Americans looking to go to countries with a better quality of life, we have to create walls of prosperity in Central America.”. Relief actors highlight health, nutrition, protection, and WASH needs among populations remaining in evacuation shelters in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Find out about career opportunities at USAID. Es drohen katastrophale Windschäden, sintflutartiger Regen, Überschwemmungen und Erdrutsche. Situation overview. “Hunger, poverty and destruction do not have years to wait,” said President Alejandro Giammattei of Guatemala, pleading for more foreign aid. Situation. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is deploying a Disaster-Assistance Response Team (DART) to respond to back-to-back hurricanes in Central America and Colombia, that has affected millions of people and caused severe flooding, landslides, and damage. We had two pastors have their homes totally washed away, along with their crops and farm animals. Mr. Giammattei also requested that the United States grant so-called temporary protection status to Guatemalans currently in the country, so they won’t be deported amid the natural disaster. Guatemala suffered damages worth just over 6 billion quetzales ($770 million) because of the ravages of Hurricanes Eta and Iota in November last year, the government said on Wednesday. Cuban Doctors Will Aid Victims of Hurricane Iota in Guatemala A medical brigade of Cuban health professionals and 7 Guatemalan nurses left for the department of Quiché and then to Izabal, coordinated with the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, to provide … The DART and USAID/BHA personnel supporting the DART continue to assess humanitarian conditions and coordinate response activities in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. USAID deactivates the DART and RMT; USAID/BHA staff continue to manage humanitarian response activities from Central America and Washington, D.C. The Guatemalan government supplied a helicopter to make the airlift. Dutzende Tote nach Hurrikan "Iota" in Mittelamerika 18.11.2020, 23:51 Uhr | dpa Ein Mann in Honduras trägt seine Eigentümer auf dem Kopf: Hurrikan "Iota" hat für Überschwemmungen gesorgt. Iota, the first Category 5 hurricane of the season, swept onto the coast about 30 miles south of the Nicaraguan city of Puerto Cabezas, also known … “We are facing an imminent health crisis,” said Sofía Letona, the director of Antigua to the Rescue, an aid group, “Not just because of Eta and Iota, but also because these communities are completely unprotected from a second wave of Covid.”. Iota, the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season’s 30; th; named storm, is currently a Category 4 hurricane featuring maximum sustained winds of 245km/h and is forecast to … “People went there because of the field,” said Álvaro Pop Gue, who plays midfield for one of Quejá’s teams. Amerika Hurrikan Iota fegt über Mittelamerika Der 30. und bislang stärkste Sturm der aktuellen Wirbelsturmsaison hat vor allem die kolumbianischen Karibikinseln, Nicaragua und Honduras verwüstet. In Honduras befinden sich mehr als 70.000 Menschen in Notunterkünften. With hundreds of thousands of people still crowded into shelters in Guatemala, the risk of coronavirus spread is high. Using whatever means necessary, including trucks and boats, we brought freshly prepared sandwiches and face masks for families in need ahead of Iota. “When you think about Covid, plus the double punch of these two massive, major hurricanes back to back — there are some estimates of up to a decade just to recover.”. This is the last advisory issued by the National Hurricane Center on Iota. DoD fulfills all humanitarian missions in Guatemala and Honduras, transporting 257 MT of urgently needed supplies to reach storm-affected communities. Francisco García swims back and forth across a muddy waterway to pick up food for his neighbors. “This is where I live,” said Jorge Suc Ical, standing atop the sea of rocks and muddy debris that entombed his town.