Also, if you google coupon, you nearly always can get a discount. SkyMall, Inc. - 8.12k Followers, 712 Following, 5298 pins | Visit for the coolest stuff on the planet! On 01/22/2015, the business filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case# 2:15-bk-00680 . And even as airlines added entertainment alternatives in the cabin, SkyMall still was able to capture people’s attention and sell products. Filter. SkyMall had a reported 2013 business year that substaintially dropped from a normal $30 million + annually, to only $15 million in 2014. Arriving late to the departure gate, the Web unit of in-flight catalog retailer Skymall says it is launching a site aimed at the business traveler. Selected filters. Simply put, SkyMall is no longer the default boredom cure it once was. Sorry to bum you out on a Friday, but the SkyMall Catalog has filed for bankruptcy. Justine McGrath 12/10/2014 - 9:00 am . 13. 3 minutes read Next Long-Distance Holidays: How to Stay Connected. Advertisement It was a beautiful plan. Next . After a struggle with bankruptcy, you won't find endless pages of sleek tech gear. SkyMall began its loyalty business in 1999. SkyMall made $33.7 million in revenue in 2013. If the SkyMall catalogue still exists in 2025, it will probably look like this “We are extremely disappointed in this result and are hopeful that SkyMall and the iconic ‘SkyMall’ brand find a home to continue to operate as SkyMall has for the last 25 years,” said Scott Wiley, the company’s acting CEO. Skymall suggested we get refund from credit card. All languages; Russian (27) English (13) German (2) More . On Twitter, SkyMall said that folks can purchase products online at and is expected to be back on planes by the year's end, according … SkyMall has proposed an auction be held around March 24. SkyMall is a specialty publishing firm headquartered in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, best known for once publishing a self-titled in-flight publication, SkyMall, that at one point had an annual circulation of approximately 20 million copies distributed in airplane seat pockets. Old SkyMall: $80 USB-charging paper towel stand. That's because airline passengers, whether they are on business travel or vacation, are a captive audience. I bought two items from the skymall after I saw their products on a recent flight. If SkyMall indeed ceases to exist, let’s take a moment of silence to honor some of the best that SkyMall still has to offer. Jordan still sees merits in SkyMall's business model. English. 21 business days to deliver an item, are ... Stephanie L. 7/16/13. credit card won't refund because it's been over 60 days. (Photo: Before you mourn the wacky SkyMall, some crazy products will still be in the magazine.“We want the readers to … Popular mentions. It failed to pull in even half that amount in the first nine months of 2014, according to CNBC. They arrived on time and as described. But someone believes SkyMall still has gas left in the tank. From a 2001 filing by SkyMall Inc., we know that the loyalty business accounted for no more than 15 percent of SkyMall’s revenue in 2000. Skymall sells everything you did not know you need to have! The former in-flight … Lod, Israel 2,279 contributions 72 helpful votes +1. Mar-May; Jun-Aug; Sep-Nov; Dec-Feb; Language. And, that is exactly what he hopes to do. For those who have watched SkyMall… Even if your loved ones deserve coal, you can still get ‘em a little somethin’ somethin’. Xmas tree. Jan 30, 2020, 03:57 IST. This is the constant sense that after rewriting 50 press releases in a single day we … SkyMall Gifts That Will Put Santa’s Elves Out of Business. Retailers of … If … SkyMall isn’t completely dead, but it is running low on cash. See positive reviews. 13 unexpected things you can still get from SkyMall, from least to most expensive. skymall These SkyMall Buys Are Total Game-Changers SkyMall may not be an in-flight magazine anymore, but you can still shop its collection of absurd products online. Even though this is only a $100 purchase, I have now x'd Skymall off my list for furniture purchases....still enjoy the magazine but outer have directly thru vendor. They were sort of the last man standing in the retail electronic parts and tech enthusiast niche (Frys Electronics and Circuit Specialists are the other competitors currently still in business). Chances are, it will be somewhere between the techno-utopia that Silicon Valley startup founders like to talk about and An outdoor shower with a battery-operated pump. ; After a struggle with bankruptcy, you won't find endless pages of … SkyMall was founded in 1989 and built a business by attracting airline travelers with its vast, and often bizarre, array of products. The struggling company reported they felt the cause for the drop in sales was due to passengers using their smartphones, laptops, and other devices while flying versus picking up the SkyMall books and shopping. Nowadays, its products tend to be a little more modest ... and more affordable. However, Skymall had declared bankruptcy in the meantime but was reorganized and back in business but won't refund. According to recent reports by Jezebel and the LA Times , the airline magazine with a readership and reach of 600 million travelers a year just might be on its way out. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories No shortage of strange items have popped up on SkyMall over the years. It now seems that last, desperate gambit has failed, even if SkyMall was still asking inventors to sell their new products on its website on Friday. Due diligence quickly uncovered that all of SkyMall’s contracts with airlines – the foundation of the entire business- had lapsed. Despite today’s changed technological playing field, SkyMall still delivers one thing better than any other in-flight retailer: whimsy. 13 unexpected things you can still get from SkyMall, from least to most expensive Milkovasa/Shutterstock Known for quirky products, the former in-flight magazine SkyMall is still going. All reviews big mall. takes off on the Web. Known for quirky products, the former in-flight magazine SkyMall is still going. Each product in SkyMall is still available (unless cancelled for unrelated reasons) with the same terrible pictures in its original home catalog/website. If you're still shopping the SkyMall catalog, then this news is going to hit you pretty hard: The in-flight publication may be going out of business. Manny--I agree on Radio Shack. At one point, it reached 88% of US airlines passengers. However, there is still hope for the iconic catalog because if a bankruptcy court grants approval, Xhibit Corp will be allowed to seek out a buyer for the catalog. Jordan insists that the concept of in-flight shopping is still valuable — if and when a brand can get back on airplanes. The case is In re SkyMall LLC, 15-00679, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona (Phoenix). Business; Friends; Time of year. In the gadget blogging business there is something we call the SkyMall Effect. SkyMall made just $15.8 million in the first nine months of 2014 — down from $33.7 million in 2013. Feeling really naughty? Keep all the gifts for yourself. Its gifts still have the power to surprise, amuse, even shock. What will the near future look like? The business, which works as a distributor without maintaining its own inventories, generated $33.7 million of revenue in 2013, according to court filings. tensi78 wrote a review Jan 2020. They lost their focus.