That action suggests an interesting, if not malicious, agenda. ya crazeeeeeeeeeeee n i luv ya baddddddddd. The point that sI am trying to make is that the Guyanese have had other religions thrown at them, with each one condemning the other teachings and reading, so because of that exposure the Guyanese were able to make the distinction of which book is the $2.00 book of myth. Mia Mottley, the prime minister of Barbados emerged as one of the game changers in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Our sexuality is predominantly genetically predetermined although there is a significant environmental influence. ( Log Out /  Bye. …man for years now the bushman has been trying to show to anyone who would listen how close the parallel situation between the spiritual and natural realities is…… but wanna won’t listen….. Actually was trying to do a little double entendre on de word bastard in reply to Gary Cole. I WILL FIGHT IT TOOTH AND NAIL. But I remember Angela from the time she did living with Carlton, poor fellow. ……If it was public Knowledge, and so to the extent that it is for Mia Mottley, that Cammie Tudor was a buller? Mia Mottley will never be prime minister of Barbados. Na korte tijd in de Assemblée (het lagerhuis) verruilde hij zijn zetel voor de functie van consul-generaal in New York. You are also invited to come to the Guyana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival which is usually held in the June in Georgetown. Both parties have questionable characters, some we talk about and some we refuse to talk about. You can learn more about our strives for equality by going to the SASOD website, and see what is going on in Guyana. Why is it ,that no one is attacking Muscle Mary and Doctor Quinn the medicine woman when speaking on the subject of morality, ethics or corruption? …..Having Mia Mottley as your PM will solidify in the minds of all caribbean people who already hold a view of Bajanmen as Bullers, that it is indeed so. Mia Mottley. 4- Is there any truth in the allegations in this final paragraph. mottley, Has destroyed all chances of becoming a future PM by her own actions and by her own actions I am not referring to her sexual appetite, her homosexuality, her willingness to beat women into submission, what I am referring to here is her bullying actions while in office, these actions do nothing to enhance her status as a leader, when mottley can use her high office to threaten persons involved in business in Barbados as she did with the meetings with the main builders in this island when the subject of CHINESE WORKERS AT PARADISE arose, and that if they did not do as she requested and tow the line that they would find themselves subjected to a VAT and a TAX AUDIT is a sad statement coming from the DPM. She can’t help that she is decended from shady American people. Noel Lynch You cannot help who your father was, or your grandfather, or great grandfather. Hants During her tenure as Attorney General, Ms. Mottley appeared before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in a Constitutional/Capital Punishment matter, one of the last matters coming from Barbados to be heard before that body. These attacks are irrelevant to how this woman performs in public life. Errol would always lately quarrel with Jeanine, after my mothers fall from grace, for talking to Angela, he considered my mother a close friend turn nemesis, the worse kind of enemy, but my mom could track his every move – he would step out the house and Jeanine would call my mother. He knew everybody and everybody knew him so that when he hoisted his own political banner he found ready support. She was stand-in for Mia Mottley, whose close-knit team set the political agenda and fine-tuned the speech. His obituary continues: ‘He was popular and soon entered his first business with the Brighton Club on Brighton Beach. Carlton Brathwaithe, who was my mom’s partner, and lived together as man and wife, and through his divorce from his first wife, asked my mother many times to marry him, but she wouldn’t, and who I regarded as a father, is a very amoral man. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Now who says people cannot be gay? That these men would resort to corruption or election rigging to achieve this, show the extent to which they are even now in Opposition – auctioning off this country. Montserrat He was granted the 'Ordinary Commanders of the Civil Division' for public services in Barbados in June 1962 and assisted Wynter Algermon Crawford (1910–1993), Barbados' Trade Minister, at the Independent Conference in London during June and July 1966. This thing of a person’s sexuality is very serious business. She was admitted to practice in Barbados in 1987. She showed the world how inspite of having meagre heath facilities, Barbados was able to control the pandemic. get real this is OSA Barbados. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Mottley foi membro do parlamento da circunscrición de Saint Michael North East dende 1994. Mottley will either stay with the BLP (and all the other rogues will disappear living off ill-gotten gains) OR she will choose some other avenue in which to excel, maybe abroad. BIM has to stop being so hypocritical. She honed in on the fact that Ms Harris’s father is a US citizen of Jamaican heritage and her mother an immigrant from India. Mia is an erudite woman in a sea of improvished minds and malicious hearts and there in lies the problem. Barbadians would not go for the gay agenda and neither would the church. At the moment Mia Mottley is under the radar given her position and expected role and you should not be surprised if any and all issues are placed on the table for discussion. Mottley's uncle, also named Ernest Deighton Mottley (1931–2008), a refuse disposal officer who lived in Great Britain for 18 years, he became the political leader of the short lived Christian Social Democratic party (CSD) created in March 1975.Her father Elliott Deighton Mottley (26 Nov 1939-), was also a barrister who sat in the House of Assembly, albeit for a relatively short time before vacating the seat to become consul-general in New York. You see in my high school days in the then British Guiana, history was one of my most remote subjects, because here I was a black girl in a sweltering hot classroom studying about how some early Barbadian people came here and set up plantations, and then brought us over from Africa to toil day in and day out without rewards. During the last decade the BU blogmaster has not had the opportunity to highlight our prime ministers performing on the world stage/media. “This is a matter of life or death for us,” she said. We can only judge by her words and deeds. YOU ARE RIGHT!! Observer, You hearing right about Guyana, and Guyanese are not clamouring to come over to BGI. People feel by pushing this ‘everyone is equal’ and homosexuals are born so argument – that eventually they will cause enough people to feel guilty. Bastards like you and me have benefitted from either our parents friends or like me the good fortune of getting into Kolij and mixing with some of the children of the elite. Anyways, we are all creatures of habit, and it is quite evident that we as Guyanese are ahead of you all in certain area. NOT TO USE THEIR POSITION TO IMPOSE THEIR OWN DEVIANT STYLES. Trevor Prescod Some people say Mottley was a good man some people say he was a bad man, but even the people who say he was a good man say he was a ruthlessman. Why are so many Guyanese clamouring to get to Barbados? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hammie Lah For reasons I have conveyed previously I have a special interest in fighting against hateful homophobic attitudes. It appears like if the original David of BU is still writhing the BU matrix but not as active as before! Mia Amor Mottley QC, MP, EGH, OR (born 1 October 1965) is a Barbadian politician and attorney who is the current Prime Minister of Barbados and leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). @ac. US Virgin Islands, Prime Minister He was educated at Eagle Hall School, Harrison College (Barbados) and Middle Temple (London) once served as Bermuda's attorney-general and sits on Belize's Court of Appeal. Mother hoping to give son second chance with kidney donation 3 h ago. I would like to request that yiou remove the nonsense about Mia. Thinks it’s ok for women to horn men? Let them put her up to run for the PM job; she would be an easy target. Now, I know Mia as Deputy Prime Minister, and from what I saw of her on Guyana NCN TV. He was twelve years younger than Allan and was also a member of Spartan’s Club. I serve a party to serve a nation. She is the granddaughter of Ernest Deighton Mottley (1907–1973), a real estate broker and successful politician particularly at the parish level. “Do not trust him.” Maude warned her daughter when “Rugged” Mottley came to the house with Jube. Guyana 2020: The mother of all elections. …Back off YYILI, you are taking a strong point much too far…. There you go, so the next time, think before you bash Mia or Guyana, because you might need heart surgery and I will just tell the GPH to not give you the surgery. (BARBADOS TODAY) - Former Speaker of the House Michael Carrington last night called on Barbados Labour Party Leader Mia Mottley to declare publicly if … I don’t agree with everything she says, but she is brilliant! So what if Mia Mottley has an alternative lifestyle, what if her family has a dark secret, all of us have our dark secrets. I don’t Fear Mia Mottley neither do I fear or even respect your assumed detail knowledge Barbados. In this case the biologists are sparring with the psychologists and to date no-one has prevailed. I tempered my statement of her not becoming the PM with an IF statement being fully aware of my humaness, that i cannot know the full extent of the future, and outcomes therein. Curacao She would be stupid to do this. You tell us that you not gay,yet you seem to be pushing a very strong agenda for them. 5- Are these issues relevant to the issues Cole set out to teach us at the beginning of his article? Mottley urges swift recount, warns again over legitimacy of govt May 1, 2020. Does she have a similar modus operandi? The man looks like a rotten apple just hit him in the head, and he wondering what to do. If you see. By 1986, Mottley was finalizing her training as attorney and received a law degree from the London School of Economics (Houghton Street, London, England). In so doing, 52-year old Mia Mottley became the first woman to be elected to the post of prime minister in Barbados. But this have nothing to do with the future of our economy. In addition, she was the Agent for Barbados in the International Maritime Arbitration between Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago under the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention. Mottleyism is the highest form of yardfowlism. Educated at Merrivale Private School (Barbados), the United Nations International School (New York), and Queen's College (Barbados), Mottley subsequently obtained a law degree from the London School of Economics. Mia Amor Mottley, St. Michael. Wah dah got to do wid anyting? To be fair, it was Grantley Adams who gave Barbadians the right to vote and since then this country has been regarded internationally as a place where election are fair and free of fear. On 24 May 2018, Mottley successfully led the BLP to a 30-0 victory over the Freundel Stuart led Democratic Labour Party. Who is dese ‘new-niggas’ now dat comin to confuse de place and tell we who did dem motha frien and who did dem play-mate? Here is the reason why she is key, and an exposition on the term you use against her – Mottleyism. #Listen Prime Minister Mia Mottley addressed the country via radio on the matter of the power outages by the Barbados Light & Power Company. And two man rats can live in the same hole as we were taught as children. mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Early Life. He knew Barbados and Barbadians very well and was no more than a guttersnipe. Please answer, and please don’t come back with the Bible, for you will take me back to the 70’s when a University of Guyana English prof told her students to read a passage from any book, including the $2.00 book of myth, and write a brief essay about what you had read (she wanted to see how well/advanced they were in English writing). The death of his mother started his downward spiral into drugs and alcohol, Shawn Omar Hinkson declared yesterday.But while he said his mother … He attached himself to Jube and began touting. If folk will dissect your article and focus on the individual topics that you present, I am sure that they will find some sense in what you are saying. Adding a new charge of internal election rigging simply is not helping. Anyway, I once heard a young Jamaican man who was half black and half white say, that when he got up in the morning he had to think if he was going to be black today or white today, he had conflicts, and I thought to myself, oh my, for I never think of who I am when I wake up. This is another essay to explain what I mean by Barbadian main stream politics, but it relates back to Samuel Jackman Prescod, who is on the face of our dollar bill. In 2019, The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder, praised the addressed by Mia Mottley. But maybe, just maybe – Mia Mottley is the change the BLP needs. (A la USA election!). Meaning that when a society adopts immorality, dishonesty and injustice as a norm, this situation presents itself (often in completely innocent victims), The physical equivalent situation is when a society chooses to live in an unclean environment where certain diseases inevitable show up in various persons in that society. Give them a little whif of p**** and it like if the drunk. The election of Prime Minister Mia Mottley has corrected the problem. And I hasten to add that the most despicable form of criticism is the kind that seeks to discredit a person because of their family history. He married and kept a stable of young girls from whom he had many children. Now Tom I think suffered as his father did as a child with being pushed too hard into his father’s footsteps, and it changed him, and made him a ruthlessman, but it was a ruthless born of ambition. From this I can logically conclude that you think that people become gay purely through environmental influences and their own volition. gary can you email me at …it is very important. But as you say she is she own man, and that in itself says to me that you jealous that you all can’t be her man, you all are not enough man for a woman such as Mia. Ontdek de perfecte stockfoto's over Barbados Mia Mottley en redactionele nieuwsbeelden van Getty Images Kies uit premium Barbados Mia Mottley van de hoogste kwaliteit. He married Mia's mother Santa Amor Tappin in December 1967, just three years after being called to the Bar and was elected to represent Bridgetown in May 1969. (often victims who are not responsible for the unclean environment), GP, But we will not be surprised when those power-hungry and desperate men realise their time is running out and decide to make a move against those who are now standing on the side of justice and what is right. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > I asked if you were a psychologist because there are features of your analysis that are very interesting. Gave a whole new meaning to “redecorate”. You will find the times and venue on the SASOD website. If there is evidence of the subjection of high office to any of these vices then the private lives of public officials cannot be ignored.” This article will seem remorseless in its attack on Mia, but in terms of elections, I have already argued in my previous post why Mia is key. Ya too swoiteeeeeeeeee. That is running a country like a criminal syndicate, and this is what I think Mia will drag the country completely into without her even knowing it if she takes hold of the party and establishes her rule, her destiny. I am committed to this. Select from premium Barbados Mia Mottley of the highest quality. DISSECTION CONTINUED It may not be that many but enough to prove her point in public that it is the pot calling the kettle black, and that is why i mention Cammie, who was DLP king maker, and a principled man – but Mia has no principles, so dont expect her to act principally, i tell you like her grandfather she will corrupt the morality of the country. Mottley’s ruthlessness terrorized my family, and I think to this day with the exception of my mother kept my family out of politics and in the boardrooms and in the background of the civil service. I have never read any lies on this blog so far. You quickly realise that all of science is political. I actually bought the first oeuvre written by Angela Cole and enjoyed it so much that I decided not to spoil myself so much ever again by buying another one. The mother and child were shipped out to America. Blessed with a conniving manner, very often he supplements his income by making out documents and complaints.” Grenada Left attention colonel Bostic Bonny knows exactly how to deal with them. Ik heb de volgende wijzigingen aangebracht: Antigua and Barbuda And in Caribbean politics I tend not to believe what I read in the papers or rumor mongering so I will reserve judgment. Mia Amor Mottley, QC, MP (born 1 October 1965) is a Barbadian politician and attorney who is the current Prime Minister of Barbados and leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Sounds very reasonable. The history of Dates, associations etc are good, but the rest of this STORY is nonsense. I hadn’t seen this thread in 2007-8 so the apparent historical revelations were quite startling to me as well as the conclusions that Mia would exactly duplicate the supposed failings of her grandfather. I honestly do not think so. I live in Guyana, as one of you asked a while back and choose to call me a liar. He was the first Mayor of Bridgetown (1959) who had represented Bridgetown in the House of Assembly from 1946 and who belonged to the conservative party and helped the poor. Plus, Mia is the only former government minister in this region to have a whole prison burn down on her watch, ha ha. @ David, so you don’t get ticked off at me. My mother used to say that one cannot be in church and Chapel at the same time…If DLP can’t even get a hearing in the newspapers you think that they will be allowed to operate a live stream (private TV) during an election campaign? But first the story begins with Mia’s grandfather, Ernest Deighton Mottley. Do I really have to explain the stupidity of having a problem with someone’s sexual preference. Following the Barbados Labour Party's defeat in the election held on 15 January 2008 and Prime Minister Owen Arthur's laying down the mantle as party leader, she was chosen as BLP party leader on 19 January 2008. January 1, 2021. I agree with you that Barbados is conservative, my next two pieces will be on barbadian conservatism and why the the DLP must hold the conservative center, if you read carefully you will see i tell you this is the way how you opportunistically attack Mia and keep the conservative ground, because if you come out and and attack her just for being gay, she will just point out the members of the DLP that were and have been gay. read Mottley first entered Barbadian politics in 1991 when, running on a Barbados Labour PArty (BLP) ticket, she lost the election race in St. Michael North East between herself and the late Leroy Brathwaite (a defeat of less than 200 votes). I don’t get the relevance of Mia’s sexual persuasion having to do with anything.