My bosses would complain about each other to me. save. I was 12, my brother was 9, and my sister was 2. No extra pay. Now I can safely say I almost shit myself. This is your fault! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I grab him and bring him to the sink and start running his fingers under cold water. After reading a reply in another askreddit thread from a babysitter, I was wondering what your horror stories are. Suddenly the other five were there, too. Husband then starts screaming at me "You're not supposed do that with burns, you're supposed to put them in butter." The job listing got thousands of comments on Reddit, with people saying that they weren’t looking for a nanny but a “slave” or “surrogate parent”. Microsoft Nerd, IveeTheProducer, eclipse I find that most humans seem to understand horror in a more or less simplistic manner. Of course, his screaming wakes up my sister. I was about 15 and I used to babysit my cousins quite regularly as they lived close by. Read hot and popular stories about diaperchange on Wattpad. Also the parents arguing with me in the room staring at their child. Leave a comment. I forgot we taped Gremlins!" The only way that could've been worse was if you were babysitting a sibling.. They just sit there until you decide to eat them. Ali Moore. I'm pretty sure he hit her. As high-definition security cameras become more ubiquitous, the stories they capture multiply. She was living on Riverside Drive in Manhattan's Hamilton Heights neighborhood with her 17-year-old son Jesus, her sister, and her niece. One night the dad had to drop his car off to be worked on so I picked him up (I had the girls with me) and we all went to dinner. He's not in the house. This video will just give you an idea of what to look for … Pennywise, Frankenstein, Jigsaw, Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Michael, they all tend to dance about in the back of the mind once the word horror is tossed out into the open and rightfully so. Discover (and save!) Place dildo on child's parent's dresser. My sister arrives, I show her the bedroom. your own Pins on Pinterest. I have been a nanny for most of my working life, and working with kids can give you some very, very weird experiences, but the absolutely weirdest shit was two years ago when the wife of a couple I worked for would come home around the time the baby normally napped, with her lover. Haha slightly awkward but ultimately hilarious. Hiring a nanny to look after your children is an exercise in finding not only a suitable candidate but also someone who can be trusted. My brother throws the mother of all tantrums. I was only 17 at the time! Share via facebook; Share via twitter ; Share via whatsapp; SMS Share via SMS; Share via e-mail; Leave a comment. I've been temping in London recently whilst I look for the right permanent, long-term Nanny position. About an hour later I went back upstairs to check on them because the oldest one had a habit of getting out of bed and walking around the house. Why is someone like this not living in a trailer park by themself? Viewer discretion is advised. I've heard worse stories first hand, so I have no reason to doubt these stories. Let's take a look at some bizarre love triangles and uncomfortable celeb nanny confessions. Left there shortly after. I was babysitting this little girl who had issues sleeping when her parents weren't in the house. So I did and then when I came out of the bathroom. But I had to go pee. In the end I call my sister, who can drive, and she comes over. It was so awkward, and I was young and didn't know what to do. And that's where the parent's frantically found me when they got home. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. "Here it is- no that's a different game." I check the bathroom - nope. ", It was at that point that I was like, "Well, I guess I'll be on my way...". The messed up part was how she'd laugh and joke about it with me, even alluding one time to how him(the husband)and I were probably having our own affair. Long story, but the 4 word version is... naked dad on sofa. Divorce lawyers dish juicy stories about clients cheating with the nanny, fighting over assets, having revenge sex, and more. The wife would even complain about the frequency of their sex life to me. The dad thanked me, tipped me $100 on top of my regular pay, and sent me on my way. Mostly just my male boss walking around without a shirt. You would have too.). Mom and Dad were going to the movies, to one of the later shows. The mom was out in the car yet. I never moved so fast in my life as when I ran in and lunged for the stop button, but it was still too late. (They didn't.) Due you should've took the extra money, then quit. Then... "Oh my God... what is... Ewwwww! Wife storms off to her room crying and slams and locks the door. I saw him crawling away nude. The 35-year-old native of Russia, who is married and … Since I was reliable and didn't trash the house, they recommended me to a friend. Also never put butter, creams, our anything on a burn unless instructed by your doctor. I followed usual procedure which included giving them a snack and then cleaning their teeth and putting them to bed but not before reading them a story. If that's not bad, wait 'till you read these. I happen to see this as good news, you got a early warning, which let you change your path, you dodged a bullet in my opinion. I was literally less than 30 seconds from being out the door of this family of assholes that I babysat for. Because at 9:20, I turn off the TV and tell my brother to go get ready for bed. In the era when most of us have 4k cameras in our pockets, they’re much more widely affordable. Ugh. Find the hottest diaperchange stories you'll love. The first exciting cutsceen and … Cold water only. One day the boy said he wanted to show me a video of a baseball game he scored a home-run in the previous summer so while I prepared lunch, he popped a series of unlabeled tapes in their VCR trying to find the right one. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. 3.6K likes. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be … Reddit Stories (r/askreddit) What do you think about Nanny Cams? Life as an A-list nanny may sound glamorous, but one Russian-born nanny is spilling all her “horror stories” ahead of a tell-all book, Millionaire Nanny. News Writer. Could be about the parents, the child, the crazy situation that happened... Let's hear them! Press J to jump to the feed. Who refuses money? Tell child to never speak of this night again. It features some of the craziest and saddest nanny stories ever shared. They're great...when they're not pulling weapons on you." Ultimately, coming from a small town, I decided it was none of my business and I never told anyone. July 11, 2019. Then, another thud from the living room, louder this time. your own Pins on Pinterest .. Scary Horror Stories. He gave her a hug as she hurriedly tried to walk by us and you could see the cringe she made when he hugged her. You never know when they could come in hand. This thread is archived. I look around, hes not in the room. She ran off into the bedrooms and he took me home. We played in the living room with blocks and other stuff and then we decided to venture around the house, I kept him in my view. We all have our babysitting horror stories. Good guy spoiled kid, teaching you teaching isn't for you. They came home one night, and just the dad came in, which was odd. It wasn't even good, for the record. By the time we flopped her down on the bed it had bunched itself into a sparkly cumberbun that completley exposed both breasts up top and a very saucy thong below. She was all cried over and there was a huge, red, hand-shaped welt on her cheek like she'd been slapped. If they ever mentioned it to their parents, nobody said a word to me, thank God, but I could never look at them after that without flashing back. Nannying horror stories (15 Posts) Add message | Report. BestestBrownies Fri 23-Nov-12 01:21:06. I had to catch him. When they finally pulled into the driveway the dad came inside alone and asked for help carrying in his very intoxicated, passed out, dead-weight wife. For happy Hollywood couples, the arrival of an attractive nanny can spell certain doom. The dad always greets me with a wink when I see him although I was never asked to sit for them again. As we are sitting down the 5 year old loudly says "daddy can sit by ms. Cocoferetti so they can have some romance" we both laughed it off but it was a little awkward. I saw the mom a few days later and while she also thanked me for sitting Saturday night she couldn't look me in the eye and pretty much avoided me after that.