hide. Crim is right... every fraction of a sec is gold time while breaking the emp, and getting stunned pretty much decreases ur chances of even breaking the emp. Like Dislike . Opinions are very welcomed! Admin Admin Posts: 15 Join date: 2010-02-13. Thinking of building a pre-renewal SinX emperium breaker. Upload or insert images from URL. huehuehue! You would also have to deal with having lesser health points compared to Critical build assassins and you would also not be able to hit other players as the usual build for a Thanatos build have only enough hit to hit the Emperium and not players with decent flee rate. Back to Website; Forums; Members; More ; Hi! Man.... just like u said that's some crazy gear!! I myself am not an emp breaker, just a killing bodyguard lol, so I can't really tell u what build u must follow, again mine was just an open suggestion for everyone to comment on it and come up for an effective build for u slayve, but yeah a decent amount of vit is a must. (Feel free to put some here if there are still points left after Vit, would recommend dex). Whole numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4.....125, 126.....9,958 and so on), e.g. Our Wiki page contains compiled information about BlackoutRO's features. Back in the days where Blessed Ring was unavailable, I was using a build with 4 Vanberk cards without adding any Luk whatsoever. If you're playing at a mid or high rate server like 255blvl its an effective build for you. ?I thought u were gonna go SD!! You scared of progress? Just looking for input from other experienced players. There is absolutely no need to take vanberk if you will have ifrit cards and will be putting luk to get 100 crit rate since you are hitting the emp anyway. - posted in Guides: Goodbye. Porcelio. Stats STR: 245-255 (Base STR and Bonus STR has to have a total that is divisible by 10.) An elite group of Assassins. The Assassin Cross: The Assassin Cross is one of the best melee classes in Ragnarok Online. With that being said, even without Thanatos card, you could still break with a Double Attack build so long as your damage that you are dealing to the Emperium is high enough to level with the other builds. Let’s go. All without ever leaving the shadows, Why? Vote King Set is as good as the Donated One, you just can't trade it. So I tried to take out my AK cards and replaced it with other cards, Here's what I came up with: Main Hand: Thana, Desert Wolf, Orc Skel, TG, Off Hand: VR (Rangdris Card), Desert wolf, Desert Wolf, TG, (If you're not a fan of the Double TG, Then put more desert wolf, the cap on damage optimizer is around 80% not sure, but I know it wont go to a full 100%, so it stacks). But if you have it, why not ;), (I highly recommend Loki's Seals and compound them with STR Runes), +10 Hel's Unholy Dagger/Legendary Hel's Unholy Dagger/SinX Dex Oriental Sword/Loki Cursed Blade, (I would recommend the Dagger, Why? Pure Critical Assassin Cross (SinX) Build for... Home; Thief Branch. I usually jsut use Box of Sunlight if I need to spot any invisible players. Stats STR: 245-255 (Base STR and Bonus STR has to have a total that is divisible by 10.) Hydra. STR 70-110 (with blessing and job bonus. Str 90 and Agi 90 for high DPS and stat bonus for Golden Angel Wing or Whisper Boss Card. 2x Seyren on Upper, Gemini on Mid and Lower (Cheaper), Why? well anyways the guild reeeally!! But using inca on a critical sinx build wouldn't make sense as critical already ignores defense. CrimsonBlitz on Sat Jan 19, 2008 12:38 am, Fistful of Steel on Tue May 20, 2008 6:07 pm, hi guys any advice for build/skiill for my futur sinx[if able to reach there:(]. The Assassin Cross utilizes stealth and confusion in order to land the perfect killing blow. The effects of Forsaken Soldier and Maya Purple are useful during pvp (You wouldn't be really hitting anyone or anything but the Emperium), not for a dedicated Breaker. Feel free to use your own combination of cards. There is no way for me to tell what server you reside in therefore this build is something for new players to start and perfect with. To balance the strength stat when switching between the shield and weapon, but that's just me xD). I am currently playing in a max lvl 255/120 server. Sort by. Note: All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster. nani! sinx build Friday, November 9, 2012. sinx build. (Increase damage on ALL enemies by 20%) -> This is optional, if you wanna use it, just one and put it on the off-hand. I cannot guarantee that this would work 100%, breaking is also based on how lucky you are during WOE. Aerynth, on 24 Sept 2013 - 3:02 PM, said: Critical has a better damage consistency and you would have the ability to not only break but to deal damage to others as well during WoE, this means you could very well defend and break at the same time. Clear editor. Vit 60 means you can reduce stun chance 60%. Build Str Str doesnt directly affect the damage but adds to the ATK. I'm one of the people who believes that the script of the emperium makes it a boss type nevertheless it shows on @mi or not. Thanatos build breaker is a different build all together, the damage is from average to high and it does not have a steady flow of damage consistency. Development? Jump to: navigation, search. Raydric. your guide works. Decide if you want to be able to solo the emp, or to beat other breakers. needs an emp breaker! However this build has the added advantage of the Double Attack skill that increases it's damage per second output, thus increasing your chance of breaking the Emperium, reason being the more damage per second you deal the higher the chances of you getting the last hit. Well im looking for more emp>breaker wit DD plz damn i hate KAtar jur since the day GM implanted ICE PICK[nat sin no longer rule sin class:( ]. Pls help =P with equip card and build, any suggestion? nice guide plok... one of the best guide i saw here in forums...! Hydra Skel worker Giant whisper. 2x +0 Vote Forsaken King Armor/Forsaken King Armor/Forsaken Knight Armor, (two armors for the purpose of switching, Switch to 2x gloom if the defense around the emperium is light, and when there no champs defending the emperium), Only you need 2 armors Ghostring Card And Gloom / 2x Gloom. Compiled and created by Therapist - last updated Nov 28, 2018. With all the new items and the valkyrie weapon for Assassin Cross and with the new addition of the Blessed Ring for Assassin Cross, you don't really need to add Luk at all. The Ultimate pLok Guide to a SinX Breaker The Assassin Cross An elite group of Assassins. Yes, but you should bring a luck gaunt/belt just in case. Chatbox. Keep it in multiples of 10 to receive the bonus ATK. Soul Breaker Sinx Build: There are many type of build for Soul Breaker, and i will not post a fixed build because different person have different idea of build so please build your own stats and let me rate and discuss about it seems so many people like to flame about it. Page 1 of 2 - Ryan's Assassin Cross Build for PvP ( Soul Breaker ). Re: Assassin Cross guide ( must read for all sinx ) Admin on Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:59 pm. This is my sinx breaker build in private server RO : MoonRO, If u hav a MoonRO account just contact me 09393562696. The Ultimate pLok Guide to a SinX Breaker   Your previous content has been restored. Great, maybe you can also put up a guide on the two mysterious NPCs (Taikumi and … Hate me or whatever, I think guides help new players stay in the server as all servers are not the same. This thread is archived. Also, for critical build breaker, just use the normal crit cards you use in pvp and it will work well. This should be as much as I could share. From DROPedia. Isilla. With these new skills, the Assassin Cross now has a wide choice of brutal methods to overcome opponents. Forsaken Ragnarok Online teach me how to break...pls pls plsssss!!! Don't be, it's not really a bad thing :D, Thank you to all the friends I have made in this game :D Even if you don't like me anymore, I have no grudge against you xD. SinX is famous for being the highest melee attack damage and high skill damage in the game. July 4, 2012 0 Likes 8 Comments. From DROPedia. +10 SinX Critical Oriental Sword/Legendary SinX Critical Sword, or up to you as long as you put 2TG on the main hand, +10 Fenrir's Dagger/Legendary Fenrir's Dagger, (I would use the Legendary Dagger, why? READ THIS NOTICE FOR MORE INFORMATION . Porcelio. Bad against certain classes? for crit cards i would like to suggest 2tg 2paper for the main hand and 1tg 1abyssmal knight 1orcskel and 1 desert wolf. share. Max aspd is 190. STATS STR: 90~99 INT: 90~99 VIT: 0~60 DEX: 0~60 SKILLS. Do not refine any of your equipment to +10 except for your headgear(Because of Seyren Windsor Cards), Or you will be munched up by thana users xD, Switch to Dual Dagger depending on the Situation, Use Concentrated Speed Potions when you wanna rush, Legendary items are items that have 80% of the donate items' effects. 13. - posted in Guides: So i checked today to see if there was one out, and there isnt. 2. Cards. We've recently opened a new server - if you'd like to give it a try, please check out our website at Anomaly Ragnarok Online! Cards. Ok, as you can see I have included the AK (Abysmal Knight) cards in my build, Why? Okay. About DarksideRO. You want a tanker/breaker/Killer?? Accept and enter chatroom . wait till renewal...the emp is supposed to change, i heard that when renewal comes, there will be stat/skill resets for the 99 2nd trans for when the turn into 3rd, Build-A-Bear Workshop® mini friends in McDonald's Happy Meal®. maybe.. First build ftw. Item set 2. The purpose of this guide is to help other players and for me to learn from others so I'm open to criticisms and opinions, it would help this guide a lot. Rens Assassin Cross Breaker build. master fire is a pro sniper... speaking of sinx however, plok is more pro!!! But again, that's just me. The Assassin Cross utilizes stealth and confusion in order to land the perfect killing blow. Echople'x Emp Breaker/Crit Sinx Guide Echople'x Emp Breaker/Crit Sinx Guide. It is very much possible, tested and proven. (You wouldn't remember me coz I suck xD). so this is just an idea of what ur stats could be, taking into consideration that u can modify it to ur liking. 1. sinx build Friday, November 9, 2012. sinx build Here's an effective Assassin Cross build for Woe, PvP, and Shifting Items. But again, that's just me. It's likely that you'll get statused or something especially if an emperium is crowded. So if you see something wrong, let me know as I do not know everything. We all know that the Emperium is Holy Element, so we need an anti-holy element, the best element for anti-holy is Shadow Element, we can make our weapon element shadow by using a Cursed Water, its the best element for breaking the Emperium. Item set 1. Verit. But I prefer soloing to partying...which is ironic. Either way you need some vit to not get stunned. [HELP] 255/255 Assassin Cross Critical Build ... Agi:Because Crit Sinx don’t have much need for DEX (not saying it’s useless) your AGI is going to be quite high. It does not include many factors such as the players defending the castle. but the RO mechanics here in FRO is different on the other server, we always take that in mind :) ... so its still the best to confirm it to the Game Masters here... Bro, one noobie question. InertiaRO Forums; General; Guides; View New Content; Sign In; Create Account; Choose a background . I thank all the guilds that I have been a part of. What I can share with you is that most of the advise given on this thread are of somewhat relevant and of use. Good luck in breaking. This is my sinx breaker build in private server RO : MoonRO Stats: str 255 agi 170 vit 150 dex 141 items: Neutral Dark Valkyrie Helm Hallow mask Shrewd Aria Claw Wing +10 Unfrozen Valkyrja's Armor +10 Main Gauge [2x Orc Skel card, thanatos card, Lord Knight card] +10 Ice pick [1] [Doppelganger card] +10 Valkyrie's Manteau [Giant Whisper] +10 Robot Shoes[Amon Ra] Ring of Muscle [Wikebine … SinX SoulBreaker build to fast LV and JoB ไกด์สายโซเบรคเกอร์สำหรับเก็บเลเวลนะครับ. did someone confirmed the emp is an mvp??? Thank you to all the people that taught me so much in game and in the forums. The Assassin Cross has a huge repertoire of lethal arts including ultimate mastery of poison-use, better than the original Assassin, . If you're playing at a mid or high rate server like 255blvl its an effective build for you. + they cannot kill me with 1 cast! best. Thank you to all that have been my mentors in game and for your patience. Deviruchi. The effects of Forsaken Soldier and Maya Purple are useful during pvp, (You wouldn't be really hitting anyone or anything but the Emperium), , not for a dedicated Breaker. This is Aerynth's explanation about this. Memory of Thanatos Card (Deals more damage depending on the target's defense), (There, that explains why those are the cards used). let me share you this little experience of mine.. agi is useless in PVP/WOE 1-2.. so if you want a 17-20k hp for sinx.. And fast atk speed.. use this weapon.. btw.. EDP + Link + Carnage katar = Super Sonic Blow !! nice guide plok... one of the best guide i saw her. Suji's build looks pretty good, maybe drop dex to 50 or 60 unblessed and get vit to 40. try Plugging this into the RODE: RO Calculator on Doddler's site. XD, i disagree.james le creed is more pro than them :D:D:D:D, Thanks James :D but I ain't no pro bruh xD. First things first, though. Double Attack gives you more chance of hitting last and stronger damage), w/ Memory of Thanatos, 2x Abysmal Knight Cards, Orc Skeleton, +10 Hel's Unholy Dagger/Legendary Hel's Unholy Dagger, w/ Turtle General, 2x Abysmal Knight, Desert Wolf, or Turtle General, Abysmal Knight, 2x Desert Wolf, Dex/Int: 1 or until you have 345 hit, entirely up to you. Think its powerful, shitty? Got it? A guide showing how to break the emperium in under 10 seconds! you want a dominating sinX?? Wew just to clarify this =P what i mean is emperium breaker / woe tactical ideas sry if missled. Build 1 Golden Angel Wing Str 90 Agi 90 Vit 60 Dex 1 Int 1 Luk 1. Hybrid is not so good imo. Mantis. Today i will try to teach you the Assassin Cross Breaker Build. XD thank you for your input :D. in pvp noir is more pro than plok... but on emp breaking plok rockS!!!   You cannot paste images directly. It has been altered way higher in this server once since I joined. im still not sure bout the abysmal knight effect on the emperium? I would still prefer tgk + gr, make use of the hp boost tgk gives to be able to tank the def around the emperium, but again that's just me.