Tapersawn wood shakes are sawn on both sides for a semi-textured look with a stronger shadowline than a wood shingle. Jeremiah was very helpful, prompt, and true to his word. These versatile shingles are great for both commercial and residential use. This is why the industry considers it the premium option. There are two main types: (1) handsplit and resawn and (2) tapersawn. We highly recommend Orion Home Improvements. Wood Shingles VS Wood Shakes. Wood shakes are thicker than wood shingles. The shakes are thicker than shingles and due to this shakes are more expensive than shingles. Wood shakes also have uneven surfaces, while shingles are smooth. … Shakes are still manufactured by hand, but most are now made using powered equipment. By Red House Architects. Cedar shakes are a popular choice for many homeowners who live in Cape Cod-style or other traditional type homes. By contrast, wood shakes look more rustic, as they are hand-split on one side. Our polymer shingles have all of the true to life natural beauty and rustic split textures of real cedar, combined with the incredible benefits of a composite roofing material. They last longer than genuine cedar shakes, but cost about the same. In the U.S., cedar shakes are the most popular and are typically crafted into shape by hand, although some are manufactured with power equipment. It really comes down to the roofing style you like, but we can give you pointers and advice on what would work best for the style of your home and its positioning in relationship to the sun and any surrounding trees. As explained by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, cedar shingles are cut on both sides using a saw. Both cedar shakes and cedar shingles are durable and age well, providing long-lasting performance for at least 50 years if properly maintained. Shakes and asphalt shingles are like apples and oranges; they're very different. Here are the biggest distinctions between the two: The visual difference between wood shakes and shingles is obvious to a discerning eye. READ MORE Shakes Cedar shakes give a roof a rugged, natural, woodsy appeal because the shingles are different widths and thicknesses and age in a way that adds to their attractiveness. The work crew arrived 30 minutes early and scarcely took a break. Wood shingles or shakes, as the name implies, are made of natural wood–usually cedar or redwood that comes from split logs. There are two types of wood roofing materials – wood shake and wood shingles. The manufacturing similarities end there, however. A wood shake is a premium product, costing around $3.50 per square foot versus $2.50 a square foot for wood shingles. Thanks to its ability to lend rustic charm to any home, improve energy efficiency and age beautifully, wood will never lose its appeal. Shake and Shingle Types . This makes wood shakes noticeably thicker than wood shingles. Cedar shingles are machine cut and tapered off for a crisp and clean appearance, while cedar shakes are hand split giving them a … This is a material that includes wooden shingles that are textured that have been cut out of logs and produced to a steady size of typically 18/ 24 inches lengthwise. When cedar shakes are installed, overlapping layers of roofing felt need to be placed between the shake layers. I would strongly recommend Orion Home Improvements. These shake blocks are then split either by hand using a special tool or by hydraulic press into one-inch slats referred to in the trade as blanks. When I had a need for any further follow up or inspections, they were right out to take a look and make further recommendations. Tapersawn shakes are really a hybrid of wood shingles and wood shakes. I am lucky to be a customer of theirs. But if the block is flipped after removing a blank from each edge, then a tapered shake is produced. Today, workers still hand-split shakes, but with power equipment, while machines mass-produce shingles. Wood shingles are thin, tapered pieces of wood primarily used to cover roofs and walls of buildings to protect them from the weather. This means no two shingles are the same, with each varying in thickness and length. Today shingles are mostly made by being cut which distinguishes them from shakes which are made by being split out of a bolt. You are all so nice, efficient and professional. Both wood shakes and asphalt shingles typically last about 20 to 30 years with … Composite tiles cost far less than genuine slate tiles and can last 50+ years with proper installation. Asphalt has a more modern appearance and can vary in color to complement the house. When searching for a cedar shake roof alternative, Brava’s synthetic shake roofing tiles should be at the top of your list. The manufacturing techniques used to make roofing materials like wood shakes and shingles are responsible for their shapes. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are generally made using organic materials or fiberglass. When cedar shakes are installed, overlapping layers of roofing felt need to be placed between the shake layers. It is made of flexible shingles 1 that are installed overlapping one another. Expected Life Span. The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau prefers the use of nails, however if you choose to use staples they must be stainless steel Type 316 Shingles cover the entire roof surface with a uniform, smooth appearance. Wood shingles are machine-cut and tapered for a trim, crisp appearance. Asphalt shingles and wood shakes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Financing options available for qualified applicants. Generally, shakes are costlier than shingles because they’re usually thicker and more challenging to install. Shakes are heavier, thicker and sometimes longer than wood shingles. At $6.07 to $10.31 per square foot to install, cedar wooden shakes cost more than shingles. Wood shakes, made of cedar, are thought to be one of the highest quality roofing materials available today. We definitely recommend you to our friends and family. The process results in a shingle that is tapered on all sides. All Rights Reserved. They do the job correct the first time at a fair price. Durable and Insurable Wood Roofing Solutions Roofs of any type older than 15- 20 years, but especially wood shake and shingle roofs with the poorest wind, fire, and impact resistance can be difficult to insure. Here’s a look at the difference between a shake and a shingle. Composite roof shingles, shakes, and tiles are attractive and affordable alternatives to the real thing. However, they will need to be regularly resealed or they may develop premature leaks. For an average 1,700 square foot roof, a full cedar shingle roof will run you anywhere from $9,911 to $16,592. Mastering Roof Inspections: Wood Shakes and Shingles, Part 4 by Kenton Shepard and Nick Gromicko, CMI® The purpose of the series “Mastering Roof Inspections” is to teach home inspectors, as well as insurance and roofing professionals, how to recognize proper and improper conditions while inspecting steep-slope, residential roofs. A cedar shake roof will therefore cost anywhere from $10,319 to $17,527 on an average 1,700 square foot roof. He has a very strong work ethic and expects only the best from his team. Once you see the natural look of cedar, we know you’ll fall in love with it. Jeremiah is a man of his word. I was impressed by the company’s people—sales, supervision, and the roofing crew themselves. Filed Under: Roofing Tagged With: Blow-Off Resistance, Pitch Appropriateness, Toughness, Wood Shakes, Wood Shingles. However, the product’s durability still depends on the wood species used. Wood shingles are sawn on both sides and are thinner at the butt end when compared to a shake. With cedar wood shingles, the thick, lower ends need to be installed on wood strips over a layer of felt to promote quick drying after wet weather. Jeremiah made it easy to buy the right job. To talk about your roof replacement project and get a free estimate in Burke, Fairfax or Alexandria, VA, call us at (571) 354-0331 now. If you’re thinking about a cedar roof, Maxx Roofing can provide you with additional information to help you decide between shakes and shingles. Both are wedge shaped and are affixed individually to an underdeck. Before installing a cedar roof, take into account your climate, location, surroundings, shade/exposure, commitment to … Wood is one of the most beloved roofing materials of all time. There are also differences between the two in how the wood roofing is crafted and installed. Factors that affect the life expectancy of a wood shake or shingle roof include installation quality, quality of materials, maintenance, and weather conditions. Get in touch today and let’s start talking cedar shakes and shingles. This is my second experience with you. Here’s the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau description: “Generally, a shingle is sawn on both sides and is thinner at the butt than a shake. The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau defines a shake as wood roofing that is split on one or both sides. Traditionally, shakes were split with a sharp blade while shingles were evenly sawn from a block of wood. The visual difference between wood shakes and shingles is obvious to a discerning eye. © 2018 Orion Home Improvements LLC. Some people use the terms shingle and shake interchangeably, but the two materials are actually quite different. Wood shingles are machine cut from a block of wood. A base of deep brown is accented with hints of earthy clay, and lighter brown to create a look that is strong, rustic and cozy. The recommended minimum steepness requirement for shingles is 3:12 while it’s 4:12 for shakes. Most people are familiar with the asphalt 2 shingle 1 roof. Wood shakes also have uneven surfaces, while shingles are smooth. Another type of saw is used to trim the edges and remove any irregularities along the edges. They also tend to be fairly thin, though they are wedge-shaped. Awesome gutter & siding job at competitive price. Jeremiah runs his company well. Shingle Roof vs. Cedar Shake Roof. Wood shake roofing This is a more conventional roofing sort compared to aluminum. Shingle exposures for wood roofs: the maximum weather exposure for wood shakes or wood shingles depends on the shingle size and the slope or pitch of the roof. If you’re in the market for wood roofing, you must understand the differences between shakes and shingles to achieve your home improvement goals. Professional, punctual, and good communication skills. As a result, they tended to be rougher and required some type of building paper to limit the risk of water intrusion. Whether you are putting a new roof on an existing structure or planning roofing materials for a new house, you will eventually run up against the choice of which type of shingle to use. Appearance. A+++ All the best. The people are friendly and reliable and the work is fantastic! Long ago, a wood roof shingle was sawn from a block of wood, while a wood shake roof was split off with a sharp blade or mallet. Today, shingles are now machine-made and shakes made by hand with power equipment.